In All Fairness, We Must Ask The Rich to Pay Their “Unfair Share” of Taxes

The richest in America already pay the highest tax percentages on wage income, and account for close to 40% of all Federal taxes collected. Perhaps they should pay even more than they do, and that remains up for discussion, but that is for Congress to decide. However, we should never accuse the rich from not paying their “fair share,” as they already pay an obvious unfair share. So lets stop the political nonsense and call things as they truly are. The 99% wish the 1% to pay a larger share than they now pay, so if we must use the term fair, in all fairness, it must be “unfair”.

Why Our Progressive Tax is Best for ALL

Congressional gridlock surrounding the United States Tax policy now resembles an ancient holy war with Tax Relief Crusaders and Left-Wing Secularists defending immovable positions by any and all means. The nastiness of discussion, misrepresentation of facts, and general lack of civility serve none; yet we choose to speak in political code and refuse to talk clearly about the most fundamental issue of disagreement—the ethical component of our progressive tax structure.

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