The Deep Web, An Internet Underworld of Black Markets and Worse

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There Is A Secret Internet With Unique Currency – Bitcoin

I am a few years late learning about the Deep Web, a secret underworld below the surface Internet, where all things can be privately and anonymously  bought and sold. Some have called it “an eBay for criminals,” and it is currently thriving. Any and all drugs and associated paraphernalia, guns and ammunition of all types, human trafficking, stolen credit card numbers, prostitution; and sadly, much much worse, are all professionally marketed and available. I admit to being a little shocked learning how much of the Web is off the grid—some estimates say 70% or more—as well as the ease of access.

The bitcoin logo

The bitcoin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All you need to access this hidden Internet is the TOR Browser Bundle (or similar) which anyone can download for free.  And all you need to complete a purchase is some investment in Bitcoin, the preferred and unregulated digital currency of the black market. Bitcoin is easily exchanged into real cash. TOR provides anonymity by re-routing and encrypting your Internet connection, making your activity virtually impossible to trace. Thankfully, Law Enforcement has recently made some progress as they arrested an Irish man who was a huge distributor of pedophilia.

So while some may object to the NSA surveillance that Edward Snowden  recently leaked, we must also understand that complete freedom and anonymity on the Web opens doors to many horrific crimes.  Not long ago in Toronto, a woman was brutally raped, murdered, and dismembered, and the entire crime was videoed and posted for purchase on the Deep Web. I am curious as to the position of “Open Internet” advocates and how they would solve such a tragic and unbelievable crime.  Please watch the “Playlist” of videos below, and share your thoughts.


Mark G Capolupo

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