What Do Crop Circles & Satellite Weapons Have in Common?

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Crop Circles – Science or Magic?

I am always amazed any time I hear about Crop Circles on the Internet, TV, or even the Newspaper. What I believe is the obvious cause of the mystery is never discussed. Why? Is this intentional?

As everyone knows, Crop Circles are geometric designs that appear in farmers’ wheat fields, often overnight. Initially restricted to the English countryside, Crop Circles are now found around the world. A couple of British gentleman admitted to hoaxing Crop Circles in the late 1970’s, using a foot board and a few feet of rope, but the complexity is increasing. The general questions are: Why? How? And by whom?

I have seen many proposed answers including:

  • Supernatural or Spiritual, including ghosts
  • The Mowing Devil (Myth)
  • Aliens (Attempting to communicate)
  • Man-made (Ground-based)
  • Man-made (Air-based)
  • Man-made (Space-based)

As a contributor to GravitySailor, I am committed to reason and common sense. So I see an obvious but often overlooked  answer. First, Crop Circles must be made from somewhere above the field; whether it be a tall ladder or scaffolding, helicopter, balloon, blimp, or airplane. Or, if you think as a GravitySailor, why not from space? Because of the complexities and geometric precision of the current designs, I believe a single answer is reasonable—they are man-made and projected from a satellite. A satellite provides the perfect platform with the required downward view, stability, and precision while remaining out of sight.

Maybe we are implicating a space weapon or  low power laser device—but most likely a maser (molecular amplification by stimulated emission radiation). A maser uses Microwaves together with an added slice of the electromagnetic spectrum, but a directed microwave beam is enough for conceptualization. Electromagnetic Radiation travels at the speed of light, and the satellite would be somewhere in Low Earth Orbit (300-1200 miles), so it would take a few minutes to generate the most complex design.

How did I arrive at this conclusion? Simple, by applying reason to eliminate the other options. First, the supernatural, spiritual or so-called extra-dimensional plane,  has no place in fact-based science. The “Mowing Devil” may be similarly discarded, although this myth may have provided the original impetus to create crop circles. Perhaps Aliens draw crop circles, but if they posses the technology to visit us, I doubt their communications limit them to drawing cryptic geometric designs in the grass—and they would surely have no motive.

As for the ground-based man-made option, groups have attempted this, but it takes too long and is too difficult to create a super complex design overnight, especially with the current precision. Witnesses would see any air-based approach, unless the hoaxers possessed a Klingon “cloaking device” that makes them invisible. This analysis leaves only one reasonable answer, a spaced based device—a satellite!

Now, imagine you were a member of the scientific or military team designing and testing a satellite-based maser projection platform. First, it would be fun to run tests and calibrate your maser by drawing complex geometric shapes in wheat fields. Second, the designs could easily be created on any laptop, and you would likely see a picture of your creation in the Press the next day. These engineers enjoy creating a mystery while hiding behind the old crop circle myth, and this approach provides a great tool for measuring the effectiveness, precision, and accuracy of the maser. Someone recently drew a pixellated face of an Alien, which I interpret as a clear jab at the conspiracy theorists. The engineers are simply having a little fun at the public’s expense, while content to hide behind a myth.


Mark G Capolupo

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There is a so called “messenger” teaching us all to love one another on the basis that crop circles are showing a time line for releasing ancient knowledge.


Oh well, its now 2016 but I am just now finding this article. Agreed 100% but nobody believes me, there was a huge masterpiece painting done in the south west desert too. No basis in fact for the belief.


raith Pleased that you agree. Care to share more?


100% accurate

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