A Grand Old LIE! The GOP Dichotomy

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Wealth, Power, God, and Ignorance; how does the GOP get away with it?

Why have we never addressed the fundamental contradiction within the membership of the Republican Party? The economic interests of the wealthiest one percent of Americans, the (“Super Elite”) simply do not align with the majority rank and file of the Republican Party (“RAFRs”), most of whom earn less than $1ook per household.


Since President Obama has won a second term, the GOP is suffering anguish and are searching their souls for a way forward; and immigration reform should be first on their list. The National demographics have evolved to where the Hispanic majority votes Democrat, and the number of old angry white men is declining. The GOP knows they must find a solution to immigration or—absent successful gerrymandering—they will likely never be able to win the Presidency again. What then?

Although I disagree with many of the GOP’s views, I do not disagree with all of them; and I also believe we are all better served with a competitive, reasonable, and rational Republican Party. Our system of government requires at least two established parties to work, and more would be welcome.

My question is, why is the dichotomy of the GOP ignored by the Press? Yes, national demographics have reduced their voting power; however, why has society never addressed the fundamental contradiction within the Republican Party, and the Christian theme they use to hold it all together?

The Super Elites have ingeniously aligned with their hard right followers on religion (Christian), creating a symbiotic alignment that serves only the Elites—even to the detriment of the RAFRs—yet somehow the RAFRs fail to recognize the deception. This Christian connection makes it impossible for the RAFRs to abandon their Elite brethren, shackling them to a political Party who does not begin to serve their interests outside the Spiritual realm. The great majority of RAFRs are ideologically held hostage by their party and are so caught up in the propaganda of hate and misrepresentation that they forget to reason for themselves.  Religion alone is tying them to the Super Elites.

Am I the only one to see this GOP Dichotomy, the dysfunctional nature of this relationship between the super Elites and the many Evangelical RAFRs?  Or am I the only one foolish enough to raise the issue in public? Why does the press refuse to discuss this GOP dichotomy?


Mark G Capolupo

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