Putin on Russia-USA. Do Some in the West Prefer An Evil Empire? If So, Which One?

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Does The U.S. Really Prefer a Cold War With Russia?

Unfortunately we are now unsure which Empire the West desires, a perceived arch-enemy, Cold War style evil Russia; or a United States hegemony, once again embracing the Neocon dream of another evil Empire—our own?Russia-St-Basils_500-400

As President Obama progresses into his second and final term, he has yet to achieve his desire to “reset” relations with Russia.  On its face, this appears to be a worthy and viable objective, if we could only overcome our challenges of trust.  Mainstream Russian and U.S. citizens do not have aspirations to dominate the world, but there is a very strong sentiment within the U.S. hard right that is adverse to all things Global, and “evil empires” and arch-enemies provide useful tools to thwart increased synergy and globalization.  At about 6% of the World’s population, shouldn’t the U.S. take the path of increased synergy with the other 94%?

Listening to Russian President Vladimir Putin below discuss various international issues and relations with the U.S. is absolutely fascinating!  This forum reminds one of Prime Minister’s Questions in The U.K.  It would be fascinating to hear President Obama engage in a similar session on the same topics.  My question is, who really is holding up the reset?

Mr. Putin comes across as very reasonable and highly intelligent, even fielding one long question not translated from English. Some points that Putin makes are very hard to argue with, while also very encouraging, most notably:

  • Iran has a right to peaceful nuclear power just like everyone else, and they are a great country with a wonderful history and culture that should be respected.
  • Any statement by Iran, correctly interpreted or ambiguous, about the destruction of Israel, is totally unacceptable.
  • The U.S. and Russia have forged alliances in the most critical moments in World History, WWI & II, so there must be some fundamental interest or value that brings us together in times of crisis.
  • The NSA does what all developed nations do with regard to Signals Intelligence, and are OK as long as the collections are done within the law—including warrants issued by a Court.
  • The current U.S. administration is restricted somewhat by domestic issues because they are an empire, and any attempt to act otherwise is perceived as weakness
  • It is much more beneficial to look for compromise as opposed to imposing your will on others.


Mark G Capolupo

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