Should The United States allow Israel to Start a War with Iran?

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Map that shows both Israel and Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United States has supported Israel for over 50 years, and we currently provide about $3B per year in foreign aid. We consider Israel one of our closest allies, and we intend to remain very close. However, have we communicated to Israel that any unilateral action on their part must be authorized by the United States?

Does Israel understand that we will not tolerate the tail wagging the dog in our mutually respectful relationship, and that they are strictly forbidden from any unilateral action without providing us the opportunity to publicly declare our intentions directly to Iran?

Of course, we respect Israel’s sovereign status, but we also value are own. When you are the beneficiary of the amount of aid we provide, there are–or should be–considerable strings attached. Because of the strength of the United States-Israel relationship, Iran will consider us a single enemy, so Israel is already aware that they cannot act without Iran declaring War against the both of us.

Because Israel is in this front line position, they have the potential to involve the United States, their largest benefactor, in a War that we may not want to be in. The United States alone will decide whether or not we declare War against Iran, and we cannot afford for Israel to make that decision for us, no matter the strength of our relationship.

Some Israeli facts that cannot be overlooked:

  • Israel is not a signatory to the Nuclear non-proliferation Treaty (NPT), the same treaty that allows for the peaceful use of nuclear energy, the same treaty that 190 other countries have ratified, including Iran.  Only India, Pakistan, Israel and recently N. Korea are non-signatories.
  • Israel has never cooperated with the IAEA and has never allowed a nuclear inspection of any type, Iran has, although we question the results–but the U.S. intelligence community has stated as recently as yesterday that they do not believe Iran is currently attempting to weaponize nuclear fuel.
  • Israel is a country of about 8 million people, the US about 310m, Iran approximately 80m.  Israel accepts about $3B annually in aid from the US.  Should Israel, considering their size and dependence on the US, consider making any unilateral decisions re: Iran?  Should Israel speak for the entire US population with the risk of taking us all to war?  Or should Israel respectfully assume their subordinate relationship with the US?


Mark G Capolupo

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