IRAQ & James Steele – What Madness Have We Sponsored?

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Just What Is Counter-Insurgency?

Ten years after the Iraq war, some extremely disturbing information is now coming to light about our counter-insurgency tactics in Iraq. Presented in great detail by this outstanding documentary by the Guardian UK, I feel extreme shame at our Government’s conduct in IRAQ under the George W. Bush administration.

Some Specific Accusations in The Documentary

English: Iraq Defense Minister Abdul Qadir pre...

Iraq Defense Minister Abdul Qadir presents a gift to U.S. Army General David Petraeus during a farewell ceremony in Baghdad on September 15, 2008. Petraeus served in three command positions in Iraq since 2003. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • The U.S. funded the Iraq Police Militias that became Shia death squads
  • General David Petraeus oversaw the formation of the Police Militias and was close to James Steele, who advised the militias in brutal techniques
  • The U.S. institutionalized torture as routine counter-insurgency conduct
  • An Oregon National Guard unit stumbled upon a torture center in Samarra and attempted to help the detainees by giving them food, they were subsequently told to leave immediately, stand down, and that what they had seen never happened. To their credit they went to the press.

Moreover, much of the information to support the documentary was made available via Wikileaks and the Bradley Manning submission. It appears Bradley Manning was a whistleblower,  similar to the Oregon National Guard unit, and should be commended for his willingness to do the right thing and expose the grotesque human rights violations. He certainly should not be prosecuted, and he absolutely should not be mistreated while he remains in military custody.

If you haven’t reached your limit of disgust with the George W. Bush Administration, the second video below (MSNBC) explains in great detail the false premises sold to the American public to launch the illegal Iraq war.


Mark G Capolupo

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FRONTLINE: “Secrets, Politics & Torture” tells the secret history of the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogations used in those prisons”


pretty wild indeed. who is going to go to prison over this? We live in a fascist state my friend.

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