Election Objection! The Real, True & Correct Facts PLEASE!

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When Did Facts Become So Irrelevant?

English: An image of the debate at Saint Ansel...

English: An image of the debate at Saint Anselm College during the New Hampshire primary… facebook sponsored the debates(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagine a court of law where the Federal Rules of Evidence were thrown out, and each party to a dispute could base their argument on their own unique set of unconfirmed facts–would that not be absolutely ridiculous?  So why do we accept such a situation during the U.S. electoral process?  Where  each candidate freely uses uncorroborated and often incorrect facts in their speeches and debates.

Imagine a debate with a scheduled half-time, where the beginning of the second half started with a fact review of the first half.  Do you think this would change debate behavior?

It’s time for some real-time fact checking after a half-time break in our Presidential debates.


Mark G Capolupo

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Farm holidays

When each state votes during a primary election, one or two candidates
are elected for a subsequent general election. But how do all the
candidates from all the states become “one” national candidate for the
general election in Nov?

Farm holidays

How many days after election day (November 4) is the winner of the Presidential election announced?Thanks in advance..

dispute resolution

im confused about the election, obama and clinton already debated and
obama won, now from what ive read it seems that clinton is getting
another chance? i read in a newspaper about a democratic convention or
something like that….please clarify some things for me .Thanks for this nice blog..

dispute resolution

It would have been perfectly just for God to have left all men in their
sins and to have shown mercy to none. “God has mercy on whom He wants
and He hardens whom He wants to harden” (Rom. 9:18). It is in this
context that the Bible sets forth the doctrine of Electionnice blog..


As can be seen in the movie Farenheit 9-11, when then Vice President Al
Gore (acting as congressional leader) commenced the confirmation of Bush
as the new president, several members of the House voiced their
objections. However, not one senator had signed the objection in order
to validate it.


Do you think it is really that bad? Would they ever agree to this format? I doubt it…..unfortunately.

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