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Wealth Inequality Reality Check

American Wealth Distribution Is More Skewed Than We Think
There are approximately 311 million Americans in the country. The distribution of wealth across those 311 million is much more inequitable than most think. The fact is that the top 1% of Americans (or a little over 3 million people) own 40% of all wealth in

Print it out, pass it on.

Print it out, pass it on. (Photo credit: slw606)



The bottom 80% of Americans (or roughly 248 million people) own only 7% of the country’s wealth.   The top 1% own 50% of all stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The bottom 50% (about 155 million people) own only .5% (thats right, 1/2 of 1 percent) of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.


These numbers are incontrovertible, and they strongly support President Obama’s balanced approach to the economy.  All this noise about “class warfare” is pure HOGWASH! Don’t the Tea Party people realize that they are being manipulated and USED by the top 1%?  It’s time for the Tea Party to wake up and face the real facts about wealth distribution in America. If President Obama is attempting to redistribute a small portion of this wealth, then 99% of us should be all for it!


Sincerely,  Admiral Rudolph Flügelhorn

Admiral Rudolph Flügelhorn


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Allright Mr. Gravity Sailor, I've had just about enough! Where do you find this Statist/Collectivist drivel? How about this for a useful statistic? How much of the wealth of each quintile was coercively expropriated by the State from those in another quintile?

Now THAT would be illuminating. Why don't you highlight the REAL "wealth inequality", i. e. the inequality which which the State employs it's immoral confiscatory policies. And while you are at it....CHECK YOUR PREMISES!!!!!

Jeff Perry
Jeff Perry

While the numbers may be a little surprising, why should anyone, no matter their wealth, have to contribute more the the general welfare than others? Should we all simply be able to share the same amount?

I don't get the progressive tax structure to begin with.

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