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What Exactly Does the Tea Party Want? They Don’t Have a Clue! The Koch Brothers Do.

We have all heard their cries for limited government, less spending, less regulation, less taxes, more freedom, no Obamacare, and less Obama….yada yada yada. These are a few of the Tea Party themes consistently mentioned in the press. And don’t forget, the Tea Party movement had 60 freshman representatives join the House of Representatives after the 2010 mid-term elections, and the current Tea Party Caucus has 49 members–including 4 Senators–as of January 2013. Then again, it would be difficult to forget because they have been holding the Republican Party and the rest of the country hostage to their ideology ever since.

Why Not A Presidential Exam?

We demand certain standards of performance and professionalism that ensure quality, safety, and value across every industry and for most demanding positions—except Executive positions within Government. Think about it; doctors, nurses, lawyers, military, civil servants, engineers, real-estate inspectors, brokers of all kinds, teachers, merchant mariners, and pilots; the list for licensure exams is endless. Rigorous exams are required for almost every job except the most important job in the land, our Commander in Chief and President! Does this really make any sense?

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