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Citizens for Constitutional Freedom? Or The Bundy Bunch?

On January 2nd, 2016, Ammon Bundy lead an armed group to occupy Oregon’s Malheur Federal Wildlife Refuge. The group of less than 25 call themselves the “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom.” Their primary claim extends a decades old controversy, that the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to create and manage wildlife refuges on Federal land—absent State authorization. Furthermore, they believe that local economies are hurt when environmental protection takes precedence over industries such as cattle, logging, and mining.

Syria – Is There A Way Out? First, There Are Some Realities The West Must Face

The Syrian Civil War has been raging since March 2011. Approximately 250,000-300,000 people are dead, while another 11 million are displaced and continue to migrate to various parts of the Middle East and Europe. All the while, ISIS continues to acquire and hold territory throughout northeastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, realizing their objectives of 1) establishing a Caliphate, 2) enforcing 7th-century Sharia law, and 3) initiating the end-of-the-world Apocalypse by fighting a final battle with the Christian armies of Rome in Dabiq, Syria.

Keystone XL Pipeline – Do We Need It? At What Cost? Who Benefits? Who Knows!

The Keystone XL Pipeline (“XL”) is the 4th phase of the original Keystone project. What the press rarely seems to mention, is that phases 1-3 are already complete and transporting Alberta tar sands bitumen oil all the way to Illinois and Texas refineries. The XL portion is essentially a 2nd wider pipe from Hardisty, Alberta to Steele City, Nebraska, only this new pipe will take a more direct route across Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The XL route to Steele City will be much shorter than Phase-1, provide for larger volumes, and enable additional oil from Montana and South Dakota to be added to the mix.

Israel and Gaza – A Human Tragedy

Israel’s current military operation in Gaza is a human tragedy, leading many to ask, isn’t there a better way? Sometimes it’s better to simply watch the videos. The first is an excellent documentary by ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, exposing some troubling views within Israel, manifested by the composition and support of their leading soccer team, Beitar Jerusalem F.C. I highly recommend this video, it is very enlightening.

Ukraine & Crimea – How Much Is The West Responsible? What Should We Do?

Is it unreasonable to view the current developments in Ukraine simply as a natural progression of the Soviet Union dissolution? Of course we can declare outrage, violations of International Law, and disrespect for sovereignty; but after ignoring these bedrock principles in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and elsewhere; are we simply reaping what we have sown?



NASA 360 Video: Stand on Mars, Look Around!

NASA Releases Awesome 360-Degree View From Mars Surface In the ultimate selfie by the Mars Curiosity Rover, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has produced an absolutely stunning 360-degree view of the Martian surface. The picture is incredibly clear, and you can look around by simply grabbing and dragging. If you weren’t impressed with […]

United States’ Technology Leadership Dependent on H1B Visas

The United States’ education system has deteriorated to where our science doctoral programs are close to 100% dependent on foreign students visiting the U.S. In the past most stayed, now many are returning home to China, India, Russia, and elsewhere. How long can the U.S. survive poaching foreign talent without developing some of our own?


In All Fairness, We Must Ask The Rich to Pay Their “Unfair Share” of Taxes

The richest in America already pay the highest tax percentages on wage income, and account for close to 40% of all Federal taxes collected. Perhaps they should pay even more than they do, and that remains up for discussion, but that is for Congress to decide. However, we should never accuse the rich from not paying their “fair share,” as they already pay an obvious unfair share. So lets stop the political nonsense and call things as they truly are. The 99% wish the 1% to pay a larger share than they now pay, so if we must use the term fair, in all fairness, it must be “unfair”.

Why Our Progressive Tax is Best for ALL

Congressional gridlock surrounding the United States Tax policy now resembles an ancient holy war with Tax Relief Crusaders and Left-Wing Secularists defending immovable positions by any and all means. The nastiness of discussion, misrepresentation of facts, and general lack of civility serve none; yet we choose to speak in political code and refuse to talk clearly about the most fundamental issue of disagreement—the ethical component of our progressive tax structure.

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